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The Challenge

To ensure that First Nations and Métis peoples and local communities along the project route benefit from this critical Canadian infrastructure project.


Our Solution

Bring long-term economic benefits to the communities along the pipeline route while working to meet conditions set by British Columbia and the JRP so the project can proceed.


Market Access for Canadian Resources

The current economic situation facing Canada demonstrates the need for market access, now more than ever. We are starting to see the impact of low energy prices in all of Canada – every province and government, as well as families across the country are feeling the impact.

Jobs and Training to Grow Our Economy

  • Northern Gateway has significantly surpassed its $3-million commitment in core funding for a Gateway Education and Training Fund to support vital construction skills training and connect people to opportunities.
  • Since 2012, these programs have directly benefitted more than 2,700 people and will lead to long-term careers.
  • The project will create over 2,000-3,000 jobs during peak construction and 1,200 long-term jobs.

Funding for the Services Canadians Value Most

As one of the largest private infrastructure projects in the history of Canada, Northern Gateway will have a truly transformative positive impact on Canada’s provincial and national economies. Operating Northern Gateway will create extensive benefits for all of Canada, including an estimated.

  • $312 billion in GDP uplift over 30 years
  • $98 billion in tax revenues
  • $70 billion in labour income

Benefits for B.C.

Northern Gateway will generate $1.2 billion in tax revenue for British Columbia and $4.3 billion in labour-related income over the next 30 years.

With a capital cost of $7.9 billion, Northern Gateway will create over 4,000 construction jobs and 1,000 long-term jobs in B.C. The $32 million per year earned will benefit individual families and communities. Property tax revenues are projected to increase by $36 million annually.

Benefits for Alberta

In Alberta, over $1.5 billion in project spending during construction will create an estimated 380 long-term jobs and nearly 1100 construction jobs while boosting local goods and services contracts by over $200 million.

Benefits for First Nations and Métis Peoples

Click here learn more about our investment in First Nation and Metis skills training.

Together, Northern Gateway and First Nations and Métis communities are building a true partnership, one that includes environmental stewardship and monitoring, shared ownership of 33%, a joint governance structure and enhanced benefits of $2 billion for First Nations and Métis communities, providing long-term economic prosperity for generations of First Nations and Métis peoples, and recognizing their role as stewards of the land and water.