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The Challenge

Ensuring B.C. gets its fair share of economic benefits from the Northern Gateway project, including long-term jobs that will benefit all citizens.


Our Solution

The project will create thousands of construction jobs and over 560 long-term jobs for British Columbians. Education and training initiatives are already in place.

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    Thousands of new, well paying jobs

    The pipeline will create over 3,000 construction jobs and 560 long-term jobs, all here in B.C. This new employment will mean $32 million per year in earned income that will flow into local economies.

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    Building skills for the long term

    The training we help provide focuses on skills that are transferrable to industries outside of pipeline construction. This will help people remain in the workforce long after any pipeline would be constructed. 

    See how we're investing in skills training: Issue 1, Issue 2

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    Grass roots support

    We’re working with communities, trainers, trades unions and associations to make sure all British Columbians have the required skills to benefit from the long-term employment benefits generated by the pipeline.

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    The Gateway Education and Training Fund

    We have committed to providing over $3 million in core funding for a Gateway Education and Training Fund to support construction skills training. The fund is an initiative for all B.C. communities and it is not dependent, in any way, on the approval of the Northern Gateway project.

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