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The Challenge

Plan a route that will have as little impact as possible on the terrain, waterways, wildlife and neighbouring communities.


Our Solution

After extensive planning, consultations, reviews and revisions, we have mapped out a route that runs 1,177 rational and respectful kilometres.

22 revisions led us to the best route

We made hundreds of individual changes to minimize impacts, and address the suggestions and concerns of all interested parties to:

  • Limit tree clearing and other disturbances by following existing linear disturbed areas.

  • Accommodate landowners, the public, participating First Nations, resource users and regulatory agencies.

  • Avoid old growth forests, parks, protected and wildlife areas, archaeological and heritage sites and other sensitive areas.

  • Reduce potential adverse environmental effects on fish, wildlife and other species.

70% of the route utilizes previously disturbed lands

These include old forestry roads, cut blocks and other disturbances. It’s how we’re working hard to meet the expectations of British Columbians.

Expert Perspectives

  • JRP Conditions

    After the most comprehensive scientific pipeline review in Canada, the JRP recommended approval subject to 209 conditions.


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