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We will work with communities and partners to protect and preserve water and water ecosystems.

We recognize that water plays an integral part of the social, economic, environmental and cultural aspects of our society. It is an essential ingredient to the health and longevity of our highly integrated ecosystems and is constantly and more increasingly under threat due to increased industrial development; changing climates and precipitation patterns; pollution and source contamination; and lack of focus on conservation, protection and stewardship.

Supporting Conditions/Commitments:

Northern Gateway has 288 commitments and conditions (nearly 30% of the total) that relate specifically to water-related issues and concerns, including: protection of waterways, fresh water sources and aquatic/marine life; marine emergency preparation and response; conservation and stewardship; and protection of traditional way of life and the cultural importance of water. These include:


Water Stewardship

We will be working with our team members and communities to identify opportunities around water conservation, stewardship and protection and implement new policies and actions accordingly and where most beneficial and impactful.