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We will always put the safety of our people, communities and environment above all else.

Focus on Safety

Safety is a focal point and high priority of Northern Gateway, a priority we also heard from local communities, stakeholders, regulators and Aboriginal communities. It is a foundation of sustainable growth. This includes designing and executing on world-class standards surrounding pipeline safety; safety measures to protect those working on and living near our project; and ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations and laws. How we execute on and excel at designing a safe project and on ensuring construction and operations safety directly affects our ability to be successful in executing our objectives in the other four Pillars.

Supporting Conditions /Commitments

There are 174 conditions/commitments that relate to safety in various forms, not including the commitments that relate to both aquatic and terrestrial emergency preparedness and response, found under the WATER and LAND Pillars, respectively. Examples include:

Safety Culture

Safety is engrained in our culture at Northern Gateway. From quarterly safety meetings for all employees, to the completion of safety observation cards (at work and at home), to safety moments or toolbox chats at the start of every meeting, we live “safety” as a value.