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We respect and will protect the land through which our project will traverse.

With pipelines connecting two provinces, traditional territories and local northern communities, the protection and preservation of land and biodiversity, including through terrestrial emergency preparedness and response; reclamation and compensation measures; and understanding and preserving the cultural and traditional significance of the land is of the utmost importance.

Supporting Conditions/Commitments:

Northern Gateway has 232 commitments/Conditions associated with the Land pillar, including:

Land and Biodiversity Protection and Preservation

As we move forward with our sustainability initiatives, conditions and commitments, we plan to transparently and openly engage in respectful, informed conversations with residents, landowners, environmental groups, First Nations and Métis communities and governments and to collaborate on actions around land and biodiversity protection and preservation. As we execute on these plans, we will be reporting on our progress through the use of a sustainability dashboard, outlining both successes and opportunities for improvement.