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We will work with our partners and communities to develop policy and solutions to decrease emissions to address climate change.

Climate change and its effects are a topic taking center stage in an important global conversation.

Addressing Climate Change

While energy is essential to the Canadian economy and benefits all regions of this country, the world is changing and we must reduce our reliance on hydrocarbons. Northern Gateway supports effort of the federal, provincial and territorial governments to address climate change.

Cleaner Energy

While we work towards new solutions and energy sources, the main source of energy for Canadians and for global markets is still oil and gas. Northern Gateway strongly supports the view that projects like ours must be built with pioneering environmental and operating standards to ensure they are as safe and sustainable as possible. Canadians have always been on the forefront of sustainable resources development – we need to apply that Canadian ingenuity to energy transportation.

Implementing Policy and Actions

Northern Gateway is working with partners, communities, government and other stakeholders to further the dialogue on what we can do to collaborate, innovate, and develop and implement policy in an effort to address climate change.