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We continue to integrate corporate social responsibility and sustainability into the fabric of how we do business at Northern Gateway. We recognize that a mutually beneficial relationship exists between healthy, thriving communities and innovative, responsible and proactive organizations and their stewards.

Striving to make a positive IMPACT

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability is set forth in our Sustainability Charter.

Sustainability Pillars

Through listening, learning and feedback provided by First Nations, Métis and local people and communities, we identified Water, Land, Safety, Community and Climate Change to be the five focal areas — the Pillars — of our sustainability work and the points of integration across our organization and the project. We will execute on the social, economic, environmental and cultural commitments around our Pillars and with the sustainability of communities and the organization in mind.

Planning & Integrating

In addition to the work being undertaken around current commitments and regulatory conditions, we are working to introduce and implement new integrated policies, actions, objectives and reporting around the Pillars and our sustainability work.

  • Water

    We will work with communities and partners to protect and preserve water and water ecosystems.

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  • Land

    We respect and will protect the land through which our project will traverse.

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  • Community

    We will listen to and work with First Nations, M├ętis and local communities to ensure they are the priority beneficiaries of opportunities associated with the project.

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  • Safety

    We will always put the safety of our people, communities and environment above all else.

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  • Climate Change

    We will work with our partners and communities to develop policy and solutions to decrease emissions to address climate change.

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