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The Challenge

Create sustainable relationships with communities along the pipeline route spanning two provinces and being 1,177-kilometres in length.


The Opportunity

Build trust, engage in respectful dialogues and create meaningful partnerships with groups impacted by the Northern Gateway project, including First Nations and Métis communities, landowners, municipal and civic groups, and special interest associations.

Taking Time to Get It Right

After listening to feedback provided by local communities, Northern Gateway slowed the pace of development to spend time on our most critical activity – building relationships and partnerships with First Nations, Métis and other local communities. We know this process requires time – and we are committed to getting it right.

Focus on Engagement

Over the past year, we have not been driven by a construction schedule. Our priority has been on people, relationships, and the respectful dialogue that is needed to earn and maintain trust.

Rebuilding Partnerships with First Nations and Métis Peoples

Northern Gateway believes that projects like ours should be built with First Nations and Métis environmental stewardship, ownership, support and shared control. In collaboration with First Nations and Métis peoples, we are building a project partnership in a way and on a scale that has never been done before. This project will be a true partnership between industry and First Nations and Métis peoples.

Together with First Nations and Métis communities, Northern Gateway is reviewing and improving key aspects of the project to address concerns, notably regarding environmental protection and monitoring, and long-term economic prosperity for generations of First Nations and Métis. For more information about the Aboriginal Equity Partners and ways we are working together, please visit: www.aepowners.ca.