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The Challenge

First Nations and Métis communities should benefit from economic activities on their traditional lands. Projects like ours should be built with First Nations and Métis environmental stewardship, ownership, support and shared control.


The Opportunity

In collaboration with First Nations and Métis peoples, Northern Gateway is building a project partnership in a way and on a scale that has never been done before. First Nations and Métis communities, as owners of the project and stewards of the land, will receive long-term generational benefits and opportunities.

Aboriginal Equity Partners

The Aboriginal Equity Partners (AEP) represent the 31 First Nations and Métis communities in British Columbia and Alberta who have ownership in the Northern Gateway project.

Owners and Stewards of the Environment

First Nations and Métis peoples are playing an important leadership role as owners. Together with First Nations and Métis communities, Northern Gateway is reviewing and improving key aspects of the project to address concerns, notably regarding environmental protection and monitoring, and long-term economic prosperity for generations of First Nations and Métis.

We believe that projects like ours must be built with pioneering environmental and operating standards to ensure they are as safe and sustainable as practically possible. First Nations and Métis people will have a direct and meaningful role in the environmental protection of lands and waters along the project’s pipeline route and in marine operations.

Rethinking Northern Gateway

Support for the project is growing and the AEP membership now includes 31 communities that are playing an important role as owners. We continue to listen and be open to further changes.

The Aboriginal Equity Partners and Project Proponents remain committed to Northern Gateway and building this critical Canadian infrastructure at a time when Canada needs it most.

For further information on the AEP, please visit: http://www.aepowners.ca/